Our goal is to build and develop knowledge and skills in a broad community. In addition to craftsmen and humanities scholars, our members are mainly students from the faculty of architecture. All together we want to contribute to transcultural understanding and knowledge transfer between different disciplines.

The basis of our actions is characterised by the belief that a successful project does not depend on the product, but on the way we go. The central element here is always the participation of all those involved in the process. In today's world, sustainable development is more important than ever before. This is why we design our projects in the most complete and sustainable manner possible. Ecological and economic sustainability are just as important to us as social sustainability. Awareness must be created that not only physical resources are worth protecting, but also social developments and processes. We want to turn architecture into a social process.

[Present] We founded the non-profit association Building Knowledge in November 2017. Its origin is the current school construction project in Umlyngka

[Future vision] In order to build up and expand our knowledge and skills in a broad community, we see this as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and the realization of self-initiated projects in accordance with our statutes. We want to help and encourage people to take things into their own hands and implement them.  As a non-profit association, we want to provide a basis for your actions and help you with our experience and knowledge.