Here you can find all the latest information about our current projects. We want to

share our experiences and impressions with you.



As part of the European Sustainability Week, the winners of the open competition for the implementation of ideas on "sustainability" at the TU Berlin will be honoured on the Sustainability Campaign Day at the TU Berlin on 4 June 14:00 - 17:00.

You can find us in the atrium of the TU Berlin main building at our information point. We are looking forward to it and are already working on an interactive presentation of our explorations.


In this semester we are again hard-working in the Roundkiosk.

Have a look, besides the coffee and chai there also is the most recent news about the school building project in India.


We have finally added the latest version of the design to the website. Click here for the Bachelorthesis: Building Knowledge - A new school building for Umlyngka.

Building on the bachelor's thesis, we are now working with 25 students on organisational and implementation planning. This is only possible with the support of FG VANR and FG TEK, thank you very much!